English Courses (also in the forest)

"To have another language is to possess
a second soul."


"Effective Communication and Correct Pronounciation" 10 (5x2) lessons
"Marketing/Sales/Negotiation Skills", for Business and Students "Kaufmännische Berufslehre in Englisch" (e.g. feasible as «working lunch») 10 (5x2) lessons
"Archery, Survival and Conversation" * 10 (5x2) lessons
"Englisch Sprach-Aufenthaltskurs, in "Herdman's Yard" (Sennhof, ZH, CH) 5 days
"The art of communication", following the textbook: "Relationships that work", Transformative Communication, by  Dr. David. B. Wolf, PhD 10 (5x2) lessons
  • Bespoke programs designed to your specific interests, suitable for all institutions with special focus on orientation and intuitive intelligence.
  • Framework programs for management seminars, company staff outings, further training and team building projects.
  • * Ideal for customer events, teacher groups, adult educators, schools, associations and clinics.
English course in the forest
Participation in English courses possible online via Zoom or Skype.
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