Welcome to Forest Events unLtd.

Our aim is to:                         
                     ... develop leaders
                          ... enhance team performance
                                ... transform team-work to team spirit

through outdoor events.

Waldgarten, Zurich
Our tools are:

Our approach is:
  • Nature: Outdoor activities, supported by natural resources and energies, interact with mind, body and soul. These resources are only revealed in an environment away from all modern technology and electronic interference.
  • Leadership: Develop consciousness, master survival in any environmental situation and others will follow. Learn to "Ride the dragon". (Shaolin) 
  • Team-Spirit: This quality evolves through focusing on given tasks and objectives when participating in a range of outdoor activities. 
  • Communication: Our unique method of communication, the Talking Circle,  creates a collaborative workplace culture.  
  • Mentoring: We do not teach, we mentor the learning process.
  • Benefits: Through contact with nature, improvements in both mental and   physical wellbeing are obtainable, reducing absenteeism, preventing burnout. In addition, this will highlight and identify individual potential.
  • Competitiveness: New key skills will regenerate commitment and provide your business with a competitive advantage.
Are you ready for a 20/20 vision, to consider new ways, to establish leadership skills and enhance team performance?  Visit our booking page.
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